Dylan Bleier

Dylan B. Bleier – Senior Undergraduate Chemistry Major and Prospective PhD Student
Clean and renewable solar energy and energy storage technologies have the potential to replace fossil fuels and thus mitigate destructive anthropogenic climate change, toxic pollution, and resource wars.  Basic chemistry and materials science research will pave the way for the development of more efficient, longer lasting, lower cost, greener and better scalable technologies that can penetrate the energy market within the next few decades and have a real impact.  Dylan’s research and coursework thus far have focused on solar hydrogen production and photovoltaics; he is also interested in electrochemical energy storage and recovery as well as production of liquid solar fuels.

Research interests:  earth-abundant materials for photoelectrochemical solar hydrogen generation, photovoltaics, and fuel cells.

Dylan is interested in quantum dots, organic dyes, ionomer membranes, and water-splitting catalysts (for both half reactions) for solar hydrogen production; perovskite, quantum dot, organic, dye-sensitized, and other next-generation photovoltaics; flow batteries, reversible fuel cells, and regenerative electrochemical catalysts; generation of carbon-neutral liquid fuels from solar hydrogen.  Dylan’s work covers development of scientific theories and engineering strategies for creating novel chemistries/materials and designing and optimizing effective devices.

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Connect with Dylan on ResearchGate:  ResearchGate – Dylan B. Bleier

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